Orders from eBay can be managed inside your X-Cart store. For that, you will need to import orders created on eBay into X-Cart:

  1. In the Orders menu, select the Upload eBay orders item.

    The Upload eBay orders page opens.

  2. From the Upload eBay order for drop-down box, select the period for which you would like to import orders.
  3. Click the Upload orders button to launch the upload process.
    While the upload is in progress, you may see a screen like the following:

    If you’ve had any orders on eBay during the specified period, in a few moments you should get a list of eBay orders uploaded to your X-Cart store. For example, on our demo installation, we had just one order from eBay during the past 6 hours, so the list of uploaded orders contains only one item:

In your X-Cart store’s general list of orders, orders created on eBay are marked with the “EBAY” icon so you can easily tell them from the rest of the orders in your store.

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