To install a module from X-Cart Marketplace:

  1. Log in to your store’s Admin area and go to the Modules Marketplace section.
    Click Modules:

    Then click on the View more addons in the Marketplace link to go to the Modules Marketplace section:

    Your store will connect to X-Cart Marketplace to obtain the list of modules available there. You should see a page like the following:
  2. In the list of modules, locate the module you require (The filters at the top of the module list can help you do it faster):

    Any modules that are already installed in your store will be marked “Installed” in the Marketplace. Other modules will have either the Install or Purchase button next to their name. The modules with the Install button are the ones that can be installed for free. The modules with the Purchase button are commercial modules that require purchasing a license. 
  3. Depending on whether your chosen module is free or commercial, use one of the following methods:

    Free modules
    Select the module for installation by clicking Install below to the module name (It is possible to select more than one module on the page):

    Click the Install modules button at the bottom of the screen. This starts the installation process. 

    Commercial modules
    Click the Purchase button next to the module name to purchase the module license. 

    After the license has been paid for, the marketplace portal will send you an email message with your license key (The subject of this message is ‘YourModule_nameaddon key’, where Module_name is replaced by the actual name of the module). 
    Use this key to activate your module license. As soon as the license has been activated, the module will be automatically installed at your store.

  4. Once the module is installed, you will be redirected to the Recently istalled modules page where a success message will be displayed at the top of the screen. You will find the newly installed module listed on the page:

    Now if you choose to view the list of your store’s installed modules, the module you have installed will be on the list. 

    Note that after the module has been installed, it is already in the Enabled (active) state. You can temporarily disable the module using the module deactivation instructions from the article Activating and deactivating modules.

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