A customer address in X-Cart is used when setting up taxes and shipping. Hence a proper determination of a customer location plays a great role for the whole store set-up and maintenance.

Customer addresses available for shipping and taxation in X-Cart can be configured using the Countries, states and zones section in the admin area (Store setup -> Countries, states and zones).

By default, X-Cart has a biult-in information on 249 countries of the world with states configured for 11 of them (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States).

A store admin can enable/disable countries that are used in the store, change/delete states for the preconfigured countries and add states for the countries which don’t have them in the default configuration. The countries and/or states can then be used to set up customer address zones that will be a base for the taxes and shipping configuration.

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