A customer’s address is typically one of the main factors that determine what tax and shipping rates should be applied to an order. For this reason addresses need to be taken into account when setting up your store’s taxes and shipping rules.

For the purpose of setting taxation and shipping rules for specific customer addresses, X-Cart uses zones. A zone represents a collection of information defining a certain territory on which all the addresses will use the same taxation and/or shipping rules. The information used to define the territory of a zone basically describes what countries, states (or similar regional subdivisions) and zip/postal codes are included in it. Countries, states and zones used by your X-Cart store can be configured and managed using the Countries, states and zones section of the Admin area (Store setup -> Countries, states and zones).

By default, X-Cart has built-in information on 249 countries of the world with states configured for 11 of them (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States).

A store admin can enable/disable countries that are used in the store, change or delete states for the preconfigured countries and add states for the countries that do not have them in the default configuration. The countries and/or states can then be used to set up customer address zones that will serve for the store’s tax and shipping configuration.

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