Your store can detect various types of events and notify users about these events by email. For example, your store sends email notifications when someone creates a user profile at your store, when this profile is modifed, when a new order is created, then every time the order status is changed, and so on. Some notifications are sent to the store staff (like the site administrator, sales department, customer service, etc.), others - to the store’s customers (namely, the users who created an order, the users whose profile has been modified and so on).

A full list of email notifications available in your store can be found in the Store setup -> Email notifications section of the Admin area.


Here you can enable/disable and edit notifications.

Some of the notifications are sent to both the store staff and customers, others - only to the store staff or only to customers. Admin notifications have an ON/OFF switch in the ‘Administrator’ column, customer notifications - an ON/OFF switch in the ‘Customer’ column, respectively.

Each email notification is identified by a title and has a mention that describes the purpose of the notification.


For email notifications that are added by an addon, the name of the addon is mentioned in the notification title. Such notifications are added and removed automatically when the addon to which they pertain is installed or deleted/disabled.