The X-Cart 5 package available for download from the website is a 30-day feature-complete trial of the X-Cart 5 Business edition. This trial package is licensed for evaluation purposes only. To use your X-Cart 5 installation for purposes other than evaluation, you need an Enterprise X-Cart 5 license (like Business, Multivendor or Ultimate) which must be activated for your store. The feature comparison guide for the different types of Enterprise X-Cart license is available on our website.

For each X-Cart 5 license you purchase you get a license activation key which you must use to activate your license. Paid (non-free) addons for X-Cart 5 are also provided with licenses that require activation.

Activate an Enterprise X-Cart 5 License (Business / Multivendor / Ultimate)

This section explains how to activate a license for X-Cart 5 Business, Multivendor and Ultimate editions.

If you do not yet have an enterprise license but want to purchase one, you can do so straight from the Admin area of an installed X-Cart trial. The most evident method is to choose the option to Purchase a premium license key in the popup box with the X-Cart trial expiration notice (appears every time you sign in to the Admin area):

Other methods to access the Purchase a premium license key button are:

  • Method 1: Click Activate license key in the Admin area site header: activate-license-key-button-header.png

  • Method 2: Click Activate license key in the My Addons section (accessible via the My addons section): activate_in_myaddons.png

When you purchase an X-Cart 5 Business, Multivendor or Ultimate license, a message is sent to your license registration email address with the subject “Your X-Cart 5 license key”. This message contains a 16-letter code that you must use to activate your license. 

The key is also stored in your personal HelpDesk account in the section My Licenses:

Be sure to have this key at the ready when you are going to activate your license.

If you lost the email message with your license key and experience problems logging in to your HelpDesk account, please contact X-Cart’s Customer Service at

To activate your license, log in to the Admin area of your X-Cart 5 installation and submit your license key via the form for license activation. license-key-activation-popup.png

In X-Cart trial version, the form for license activation can be accessed using the methods described above. If you have activated an X-Cart license previously, the license activation form is available only via the Activate license key button in the My Addons section.  activate_in_myaddons.png

X-Cart will activate your license. The store may be re-deployed. The process may take as long as a few minutes. Take care not to close the page before the process has been fully completed.

In the end, you should see a success message. all_done.png

Now you should check that you can open your X-Cart store Admin area and storefront, and navigate a few pages to make sure everything looks good (no error messages or obvious page display problems).

You will notice that the Admin area header now shows the license type you have activated: license-activated.png

(The screenshot above demonstrates the result of activating an Ultimate license; for Multivendor license this would be “Multivendor”, and for Business license this would be “Business”).

Activate an X-Cart 5 Addon License

This section covers the topic of license activation for paid (non-free) addons for X-Cart 5.

When you purchase an X-Cart 5 addon license, you need to activate it. Within minutes of the purchase you get an email message with the subject ’**Your  addon key**', where Addon_name is the actual name of the addon. You should use this key to activate your addon license. As soon as the license has been activated, the addon will be automatically installed in your store.

To activate an addon license, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Admin area of your X-Cart 5 installation and go to the X-Cart App Store (via the My addons item in the main menu).

  2. Access the license activation form by clicking Activate license key above the list of addons: activate_in_myaddons.png The form for license activation looks as follows: addon-license-activation-popup.png

    If you are using the trial version, you will be requested to activate your X-Cart 5 license before you can activate the addon license.

  3. Enter your license key into the appropriate field and click Activate.

Provided that the submitted license key is valid, X-Cart will install and activate the addon. This involves automatic re-deployment of your store. The process may take as long as a few minutes. Take care not to close the page before the process has been fully completed.

Once the addon installation and store re-deployment has been completed, you should see a success message.

That is all. Your addon license has been activated, and the addon has been installed. 

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