X-Cart App Store is an environment separated from the store that allows maintaining the software core and add-ons. It ensures overall store security and stability, especially when applying updates. Provided the upgrades of the software core and the add-ons management run separately from the rest of the store, an administrator reveals any malfunctions of a store Admin area and a storefront and rolls them back first thing after applying the updates.

To access the App Store environment a store admin should click on the My addons link in the main menu of the Admin area. This opens a special environment out of the Admin area where it is possible to install new and manage existing addons, as well as apply minor amd major software upgrades (applies to X-Cart Enterprise only). By default, the new screen displays in the same tab your store Admin area was opened in.

X-Cart Admin area541-my-addons-admin.png
X-Cart App Store541-my-addons-app-store.png

To return to the Admin area or open the storefront use the corresponding links at the top of the page. The Admin area will open in the same tab, while the storefront - in a new one. 541-go-to-links.png

The main menu of the Upgrade System screen consists of a search bar and 5 section:

  • App Store : This section is a room for X-Cart site App Store where you can find and buy new addons for your store. 541-app-store-home.png
  • Theme Store : This section displays all templates available in the X-Cart App Store. 541-theme-store.png
  • My Apps (opened by default by a click from the Admin area) : This section displays all addons installed in your store, both enabled and disbled, including any custom addons ordered with X-Cart WebDev. 541-my-apps.png
  • Purchases : This section contains a list of purchased addons with a possibility to install them. 541-purchases.png
  • Updates & Upgrades : This section displays the minor and major upgrades available for the software core and addons. 541-updates.png

The 2 sections that you will most frequently use when working with your store are My Addons and Updates & Upgrades.

The search bar allows finding a necessary addon through all the sections. Some of the addons require an exact matching, so if no results diplay check for any typos.

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