Before you start making a back up copy of your store, make sure of the following:

  • You have enough free disk space on your server or hosting account where your store is installed.

    If you do not have enough free disk space, try to remove the files that you no longer use or move them to another location.

  • You can access your server or hosting account using one of these options: terminal SSH or Telnet access, FTP, remote desktop (available for Windows-based servers only), your hosting control panel.

    If you cannot access your server or hosting account via these or other alternative options, address your hosting team for help.

  • The directory to which you are going to save the backup copy has writable permissions.

  • The Customer area of your store is temporarily closed for maintenance.

    Having the Customer area closed ensures that none of your website visitors will be able to shop through your store and place orders while you are backing up your store, and the backup will include all the info that is available by the moment you start this task.