This article describes how you can upgrade your existing X-Cart 4 store to X-Cart 5.

General overview of upgrade options on

Basically, you have three routes:

  1. You can perform the upgrade yourself (DIY option);
  2. You can hire X-Cart team to perform the upgrade for you (Professional and Custom options);
  3. You can hire 3rd party to perform the upgrade for you.

This article assumes you are going for the first option and guides you through the whole process.

Table Of Contents

What data will be migrated via module

The migration of data is done via our Data Migration Wizard module. Here is what data will be transferred by this module:

Сonfiguration settings - General settings;
- Default customer address;
- Weight and Length symbols;
- Purchase limits;
- Defaut admin/customer language;
- Ship-from address;
- Contact Us information. Contact Us form settings are not migrated to X-Cart 5;
- SEO-friendly URLs. Clean URLs are enabled in X-Cart 5 automatically;

- The currency is NOT transferred and you need to define the currency in X-Cart 5 before the migration.
Сontent - Static pages (Only embedded ones);
- Menu items from Speed bar section.
Products - General info (name, price, sku, etc);
- Images and Detailed images;
- Clean URLs;
- Product options (including product variants and variant images);
- International descriptions;
- Product reviews and votes;
- Related products;
- Wholesale prices (for product variants as well);
- Feature comparison;
- Extra fields. They will be converted to Attributes in X-Cart 5;
- Bestsellers. Bestsellers settings are not migrated to X-Cart 5;
- E-Goods. Only the filepaths are migrated. The files themselves are not transitioned.
Categories - General info (name, description, etc);
- Images;
- Clean URLs;
- International descriptions;
- Featured products.
Users All info;

How to transfer user passwords:
- If you are migrating from X-Cart 4.1.x-4.4.x, you need to specify blowfish key on Hence all user passwords are migrated safely providing that a valid Blowfish key is specified at the Step 2 - Connect of the migration wizard and passwords will be transferred properly;
- If you are migrating from X-Cart 4.5.x and later, passwords will not work after the migration. In order to allow customers log in using old passwords, you need to install [Migration: Restore logins of X-Cart 4 users module]( from the marketplace and specify X-Cart 4 blowfish key inside its settings.
Memberships All info including multilanguage data.
Zones All info.
Payment settings Settings of the following payment processors are transferred:
- AuthorizeNet;
- EWay;
- Moneybookers;
- PayPal (Standard, Express Checkout, Payflow Link, Payflow Transparent Redirect, Paypal Advanced, Paypal WPS);
- 2Checkout.
Shipping settings User defined shipping methods and rates;
Settings of the following real-time shipping processors:
- Australia Post;
- Canada Post;
- DHL;
- FedEx;
- USPS; Settings of UPS are NOT migrated.
Orders All info.