Product reviews import feature is added by the free Product Reviews addon. It is not included in the X‑Cart core.

A CSV file for importing reviews must have the name reviews-yyyy-mm-dd.csv, where the part -yyyy-mm-dd can be any date you want, or can be omitted.

Examples of correct product CSV file names:

  • reviews.csv;
  • reviews-13-01-01.csv;
  • reviews-from-my-provider.csv

Below is a list of supported fields and their respective value types for the import of reviews:

Field in CSV file What this field describes Value type
product* Product SKU (Unique identifier of the product)
Max. length: 32
review Customer review String
response Admin reply on a review from a customer (field value can be empty) String
rating Product rating set by a customer Integer (1-5)
additionDate A review date
(e.g. 1 Jan 2013)
responseDate A response date (field value can be empty)
(e.g. 1 Jan 2013)
respondent An email of X-Cart admin account that was used for response (field value can be empty) email
reviewerName A name of a customer who submitted a review
Max. length: 255
email An email of a customer who submitted a review email
status A review status set by the store administrator (If set to ‘Approved’ the review becomes visible in the storefront) Approved / Pending
useForMeta If set to ‘Yes’ a review will be used in the product metatags Yes/No

* Required field.

** See CSV Field Attributes for more info.


  • If you are going to import data into X-Cart and do not wish to update certain X-Cart fields during the import process, you should not include these fields into your CSV file for import. Simply remove the respective column(s) from the file.