If needed, you can add links to certain pages to the Primary or Footer menus on the storefront. The Primary menu can be found in the top part of each page: the Footer menu - in the bottom part of each page of the storefront: Before you get started with this task, make sure that you have the Simple CMS module installed and enabled. If not, install and activate it.To add a new item to one of your store’s menus:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Menus page (Content > Menus). Decide on the menu to which you will add your new item and choose the respective tab - Primary menu or Footer menu: For example, we decided to add a new menu item to the Primary menu and chose the Primary menu tab.
  2. Click the New item button. A new empty entry will be added to the list. This is where you will create your page link.
  3. Provide information about the page link that you want to add to the menu:
    • Item name: This is how your menu item will appear to users.
    • Link: This is the address of the page to which the menu item will take the user who clicks on it. Note that if you want to specify a link to an external resource, you must use the http:// prefix. For example, to add a link to google.com, you will need to enter the link as http://google.com/.
  4. Click Save changes.

The menu item will be added. You should now be able to see it on the storefront:

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