After you choose a skin that defines the basic look and feel of your online store, you can customize it to suit your unique brand.

The basic skin customizations include changing the default store logo and favicon as well as removing the welcome text and banner on the storefront that is included into a default X-Cart skin. It helps the site look professional and these are the details visitors of the site notice. X-Cart allows you to upload your own logo image to display on the top on all pages of the store. It serves not only as branding for your site, but links back to your homepage.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to change the default text on the store pages, as different people may prefer different words for the same meaning. This is also possible to help your store look unique.

To make your store pages more attractive for customers you can add banners to your store pages. Removing the “Powered by” notice may be usefull if you want to hide the information about the software platform you use from your competitors.

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