It is possible to add your own images for the store’s logo and favicon: logo-favicon.png

It is also possible to change the store’s “Apple icon”. The icon is intended for mobile devices: it will appear on the home screen of a smartphone or tablet if a user pins your store to the home screen as their favorite site creating a shortcut (See How to Add Websites to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet for more info.)

To change the store’s logo, favicon or Apple icon images, you will need the Simple CMS addon by X-Cart team. Make sure this addon is installed and enabled at your store (If the addon is not installed, install and activate it):


To change the default logo, favicon or Apple icon images for your store website:

  1. Prepare the custom images you want to use and store them on your local computer.

  2. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Logo & Favicon section (Look & Feel > Logo & Favicon).

  3. Use the buttons to select the images you want to use instead of the ones used currently. logo-favicon-choose-file.png

  4. Click Submit to save the changes. logo-favicon-submit-logo.png

The selected custom image(s) will be uploaded and displayed on the Logo & Favicon page instead of the old one(s). logo-favicon-new-logo.png

Now your store visitors should be able to see the new image(s): logo-favicon-storefront.png

If necessary, after replacing the default image(s) with your own one(s), you can revert to the defaults by choosing the Return to default logo (favicon, AppleIcon) option: logo-favicon-return-default.png