In case a store owner doesn’t want to reveal that the site is powered by the X-Cart software, it’s possible to remove the “Powered by” notice.


According to the license agreement the “Powered by” notice can be removed on the paid X-Cart installations only. Users of X-Cart Free edition are not allowed to hide the “Powered by” notice.

PREREQUISITES: Make sure the module Theme Tweaker is installed and enabled at your store. If not, install and activate it.

There are 2 possible ways to remove the notice:

  1. From the store admin area:

    • Open the Custom CSS section in the store admin area (Look & Feel -> Custom CSS & JS) custom-css.png

    • Enable the Use custom css option. custom-css.png

    • Insert the following CSS code into the text field below:

     .powered-by .powered-by-label {
         display: none;
    • Click Save. save-changes.png

    • Check the results in the front end. no-powered-by.png

  2. From the customer storefront using the Webmaster Mode facilities:

    • Open the storefront when logged in with an admin account and click the Webmaster mode gear at the bottom of the page: gear.png

    • Open the Template editor tool and make sure the Pick templates from page option is enabled: cus-template-editor.png

    • Pick the “Powered by” template on the screen to see the code that is associated with it: cus-powered-by-code.png

    • Remove the following code from the template:

       <p class="powered-by-label">{{ this.getMessage()|raw }}</p>

      If you want to remove the line completely, but not only the “Powered by” notice, you shoud delete all the code from the template.

    • Save the changes. cus-save-changes.png