Many merchants want to change their Contact Us page so it would display some particular text instead of “To contact us please use the form below” which is displayed by default.


This article describes how this can be done.

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Translations section (Store setup > Translations). edit-con-us-translations.png
  2. In the list of your store’s languages, locate English (or the name of your store’s default language) and click on it.  edit-con-us-english.png

    This opens the Edit labels page allowing you to access the text labels of the language you have selected. Alternatively, you can open the Edit labels tab directly and find the required language there.

  3. Use the label filter to find the text label responsible for displaying the text you want to change: copy and paste the phrase “To contact us please use the form below” into the Enter search pattern field and click Search. edit-con-us-use-search.png X-Cart will do a search through the labels of the selected language. Once the label has been found, you should be able to see it in the label list below.
  4. Click on the label name. This expands a text area containing the current label value. edit-con-us-edit.png
  5. Edit the label value as you require and click Save changes: edit-con-us-enter-text.png
  6. Check the results on the storefront.

Use the Labels Editor tool to change the text directly in the storefront.

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