The Notifications section of the Contact information page (Store setup > Contact information) allows you to specify your preferences regarding the sending of Order created notifications. Order created notifications are email notifications that can be sent to the buyer and/or your store’s Sales department when an order is created. An order is created when a buyer clicks the Place order button (When it happens, the buyer’s shopping cart contents becomes an “order”). Note that Order created notifications are different from Order confirmation emails: Order confirmation emails are sent when your store receives a confirmation from the payment gateway that the payment has been successful; at the time of order creation, however, your store does not yet have this information, so it is rather an automatic “Thank you for your order” or “Order #xxx has been placed” type of message, not a confirmation. You can specify whether Order created notification should be sent to your customers and/or Sales department using these settings:

  • E-mail order details to the sales department about not finished orders: Enable this option to enable Order created email notifications for your store’s Sales department.The notifications will be sent to the email address specified in the Sales department e-mail field above.
  • E-mail order details to customers about not finished orders: Enable this option to enable Order created email notifications for customers.