X-Cart resizes original images to display them on a page. All images in X-Cart can be managed in the Look&Feel -> Images section of the admin backend where you can configure the default image settings and upload custom images if required.


Default Image Settings

Any images used in the store will be displayed in accordance with the configuration settings defined in the Default image settings part of the Images section (Look&Feel -> Images).


Defauls image settings are as follows:

  • Use dynamic image resizing : This setting determines what happens if X-Cart cannot find a resized version of an image generated previously it needs to display. If this setting is enabled, an appropriately sized version of the image is generated on the fly. If this setting is disabled, the original (non-resized) image is used.
  • Image quality after resize : Set the desired image quality in %.
  • Apply unsharp mask filter on resize : This setting allows to increase sharpness of the resized images in the most highly detailed areas of the image. (becomes available only if GDLib is intalled on the server)

    The Apply unsharp mask filter on resize setting is available only if the server X-Cart is hosted at is configured to use gdlib. In case the server is configured to use imagmagic the setting is not available.

  • Cloud Zoom : Toggle this setting on if you want to give your customers an opportunity to view an image in its original size and quality.
  • Cloud Zoom Mode : Choose if you want the zoomed image to be displayed inside the general image area or outside it. (becomes available only if Cloud Zoom is ON)
  • Use blurred image placeholders for smart image loading : When enabled, pre-loaded low resolution images or single color background image placeholders are used to replace the actual full resolution images on the storefront before they are fully loaded.

    In case the Use blurred image placeholders for smart image loading setting is not available it’s not supported by the skin installed in your X-Cart store at the moment.

The images size-chart presents the actual space (width(px) and height(px)) available for an image on a page and differs depending on the skin installed. All images used in the store are resized to fit the image space taking into account the settings configured above. You can change the default sizes if required. However, please do in mind that the original image should be at least 2 times bigger than the size of an image space it will be resized to.

Clicking the Generate resized images button (next to the Save button) launches the actual image resizing routine to generate copies of existing images in all the sizes needed to display the images in your store’s customer area. Having a separate image file in each of the sizes provides a way to speed up your site’s performance by reducing page load times for pages containing graphics.

Custom Images

Any custom images that you want to use in your X-Cart store can be stored on the same server where your X-Cart software is installed.

Before you continue, make sure the module Simple CMS is installed and enabled in your store.


To upload an image:

  1. Go to the Custom images part of the Images page (Look&Feel -> Images).
  2. Select the image that needs to be uploaded onto the X-Cart 5 server: images-1.png
  3. Click the Save changes button.

The image will be uploaded: images-2.png

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