Newer versions of X-Cart come with two skins - CrispWhite and Standard (Standard is deprecated starting with X-Cart 5.4.x and may not be enabled in new X-Cart Cloud stores).

The default skin for X-Cart 5.3.x and earlier is Standard; this skin comes in four different color schemes (Standard, Digital, Fashion and Noblesse). Starting with X-Cart 5.4.0.x, Standard skin is deprecated.

X-Cart 5.4.x comes with CrispWhite skin, which is the skin installed by default, and Standard skin in the color scheme “Standard”, which is deprecated and will eventually be removed from the software.

For early adopters of Standard skin in color schemes other than Standard who will choose to upgrade their store, the color scheme used in the store before v5.4.0.x will be preserved “as is” during the upgrade. Please be aware that if the store’s color scheme from the set of deprecated ones is changed to any new skin in 5.4.x, we will not be able to revert the changes.

If your store’s default skin does not suit your business, it is possible to purchase and install a custom skin from the X-Cart App Store. Instructions for that are available in the section Installing Skins from the X-Cart App Store.

If you have more than one design theme installed at your store, you can change the theme your store is using by following the instructions from the section Changing Your Store Skin

All X-Cart skins use the standard left-to-right representation. If necessary, we can help you customize your store to enable right-to-left representation. For more info, see the page RTL Languages Support.

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