X-Cart 5 has five skins (Standard, Fashion, Noblesse, Digital and Crisp White) that are included into all default software packages.


You can choose any of them for your store in the Layout section (Look & Feel > Layout) of the store admin area.


In the Layout section of the page you can see the skin that is currently installed in the store and change the default and home-page layout if necessary. You can choose between one-column, two-column (left or right) and three column layout schemes. The home page layout changes the representation of the home page and the default layout changes the representation of the rest of your store pages.

To change the store skin choose the one you like better in the Choose a new template section (the current skin will be highlighted with an orange border, the new one with blue) and click the Submit button.

If the Layout part of the page is inactive check that the Color Schemes addon is enabled in the My addons section. templates-color-schemes.png