X-Cart App Store offers over 80 design templates (skins) that you can obtain and use for your X-Cart store site; they can be found in the Templates section, also known as the Templates store.

You can easily access the Template store at any time right from within your X-Cart store Admin area:

  1. Go to the section Layout (Look & Feel -> Layout).

  2. Click on the link Visit the template store: visit_tpl_store.png

Technically, skins are addons, so the steps involved in installing a skin from the X-Cart App Store are similar to the ones described in Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

Before you start, you need to purchase the skin you require and make sure you have a license key code for it. Have this key code at the ready so you can copy and paste it when required.

To install a skin:

  1. In your X-Cart store Admin area, go to the section Layout (Look & Feel -> Layout).

  2. Click the Activate purchased skin button: activate_purchased_skin.png

  3. In the popup that appears, enter your skin license key code and click Activate: skin_license_popup.png

    Provided that the submitted license key code is valid, X-Cart will download the skin and install it. Your store will be redeployed. deploy_skin1.png

    In the end you should see a success screen like the following: deploy_skin1_1.png

    It means that the skin installation process has been completed successfully, and you can go back to the Admin area.

    If now you go to the section My addons, you will be able to find the skin you have installed listed there like a regular X-Cart addon: skin_in_my_addons.png

    You can use the Manage layout link below the skin description to go back to the section Layout (Look & Feel -> Layout).

    Actually, you do not have to go look at the installed skin in the My addons section. Instead, after installing the skin, you can go straight to the section Layout (Look & Feel -> Layout), and there you will find the new skin listed in the section Choose a new template. For the sake of example, we installed the skin “Fashion House”, which turned out to be a collection of three different color schemes, and now we can see them in the Choose a new template section: fashionhouse_installed.png

  4. The skin has been installed, but it is not yet active in your store. So let us activate it. For skin activation, select the skin (color scheme) that you require by clicking on the respective icon the Choose a new template section (the icon will be marked with a frame to show that is has been selected) and click Submit: activate_skin.png

    After that you will see a server message “To make your changes visible in the customer area, cache rebuild is required. It will take several seconds. You don’t need to close the storefront, the operation is executed in the background.” Click OK to start the skin activation process.

X-Cart will redeploy your store to activate the skin. deploy_skin2.png

After the process completion, scroll down to the Choose a new template section. There you should be able to see the icon of the new skin (color scheme) marked with a green frame: skin_active.png

It means that this skin (color scheme) is currently active. If you go to view the storefront, you should see the new design.