Your X-Cart based store has two default menus that appear on every page: the primary (header) menu and the footer menu. You can edit and/or delete the default items of both primary and footer menus and add new new items instead as well as add a drop-down menu from any of the menu items in the primary menu.

Primary Menu

The default primary menu is displayed as items across the width of the header. A customer may probably look at the primary menu of your store to find some information about your products and contact details, like a “Contact us” page.

A default store primary menu has six predefined menu items: 540-primary-menu.png

  • Home : The main page of your online store.
  • Hot deals : The menu item with a drop-down submenu. This is the place where your store visitors will find links to pages generated by such addons as Sale, Bestsellers and Special Offers.
  • Shipping : The page describing your store shipping policy and delivery options available.
  • New! : The page that lists the new arrivals. The page contect is formed automatically based on the Product Advisor addon settings.
  • Coming soon : The page that lists product that are scheduled to arrive. The page content is formed automatically based on the “Arrival date” set for products.
  • Contact us : The page with your company contact information. More info about the page content see in Enabling the ‘Contact Us’ Form.

You can edit and/or delete the default menu items and add new ones instead as well as add a drop-down menu from any of the menu items in the primary menu. A drop-down menu is a sub-menu from the main menu item, and is usually displayed as a list of items connected to the main menu item. Drop-down menus are a good way of organizing similar items: groups of webpages, blog posts, store policies, products, or product categories.

The footer menu is usually displayed as links across the width of the footer. A customer will probably look at your footer menu to find information about your store policies and sitemap.

The default Footer menu looks as follows: 540-footer-menu.png

Both primary and footer menus are maitained in the Content -> Menus section of your store Admin area. This section allows to edit and/or delete the existing menu items as well as to add new items instead.

Each menu consists of a list of the predefined menu items:

Primary menu page540-primary-adm.png
Footer menu page540-footer-adm.png

In order to be able to edit existing or add new items to the primary and footer menu, make sure that the addon Simple CMS is installed and enabled. If not, install and activate it.

Adding New Menu Items

To add a new item to one of your store’s menus:

  1. Go to the Menus page (Content > Menus) in the store Admin area. Select the menu you want to add a new item to and choose the respective tab - Primary menu or Footer menu:
    Primary menu page540-primary-adm.png
    Footer menu page540-footer-adm.png

    For example, we decided to add a new menu item to the Primary menu and chose the Primary menu tab.

  2. Click the New item button. 540-new-item.png

    A new empty entry will be added to the list.

  3. Provide information about the properties of the item that you want to add to the menu: 540-new-item-line.png
    • Item name: Name of the menu item as it will be displayed to users.

    • Link: Address of the page to which the menu item will redirect the user. Specify the address using one of the following:
      • Relative path (e.g. cart.php?target=checkout)
      • Absolute path (e.g. https://cart.php?target=checkout).
      • Page name value (a special code that represents a page name surrounded by curly brackets; can be used to link to the page without having to specify its relative or absolute path). The list of page name values currently supported by X-Cart is as follows:
        • {home},
        • {new arrivals},
        • {coming soon},
        • {sale},
        • {bestsellers},
        • {my account},
        • {contact us},
        • {auction},
        • {loyalty program}),
        • {special offers},
        • {brands},
        • {gift card}.

        Note that if you need to specify a link to an external resource, you must use the http:// prefix. For example, to add a link to, you will need to enter the link as

    • Visible for : Specify the user level the menu item should be visible for. Select from the options available in the drop-down:
      • Any visitors
      • Anonymous users only
      • Logged in users only
  4. Click Save changes. 540-add-new-item.png

The menu item will be added. You should now be able to see it on the storefront.

Once a new menu item has been added you can move on and add drop-down submenus as described below.

Editing Existing Menu Items

A store admin can edit each property of an existing menu including submenus and their properties as well as delete menu and submenu items.

Editing Menu Properties

When hoving a cursor over a line in the list of menus, a store admin can see highlighted the menu properties that can be edited. 540-edit-menu.png

To adjust a property value it is necessary to:

  1. Click on the field the needs to be edited;
  2. Substitute the existing value with any new one valid for this field;
  3. Click Save changes.

Editing Submenus

Submenus are the menus of a drop-down level from a main menu item. Submenus are maintained absolutely the same way the main menu items are. To check whether a main menu item has any subnemu items a store admin should refer to the Submenu column of a menu listing page: 540-submenu-column.png

The Submenu column can contain 2 possible values:

  • Add : The value means that there are no menus of a dropw-down level for the menu. A store admin can add a new level of drop-down level by clicking the Add link.

    To add a new drop-down level for a menu:

    • Click on the Add link in the Submenu column of the main menu: 540-submenu-add-link.png This opens a new menu listing page one level down.
    • Click the New item buttom: 540-submenu-new-item.png
    • Specify the menu item properties the same way as described in Adding New Menu Items;
    • Click Save changes.
  • N items : The value means that a menu has “N” menu items of a drop-down level, where N refers to the actual number of items. A store admin can click the N items link to view and edit the submenu items.

    To edit an existing submenu:

    1. Click on the N items link; 540-submenu-n-items-link.png This opens a submenu listing page one level down.
    2. Edit the submenu items the same way as described in Editing Menu Properties;
    3. Click Save changes.

Deleting Menus

If it is necessary to delete a menu item a store admin should click a Trash icon opposite the icone in question and then click Save changes. A store admin can delete several or all menu items at once.


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