You may find it easier to edit a label directly in the store frontend where you see the text you need to edit and you don’t need to know the label name or whatsever else.

The option is available if the addon Theme Tweaker is installed and enabled.

To enable the Webmaster Mode you should be logged in as an admin in the store frontend. When logged in as an admin you’ll see a ‘Gear’ icon in the bottom left corner.


Click on it and you’ll see the Webmaster mode tools. You’ll need the Labels Editor one.


Make sure the Highlight labels option is turned ON, then you’ll see all the labels that you can edit directly on this page highlighted. Click on the label you want to edit, change its name in a pop-up and Save the changes. That’s it, the label will be changed thoughout the whole store.


If you need to edit the page labels in any other language enabled in your store, turn off the Highlight labels option, change the store-front language, turn the the Highlight labels option on again and edit the labels you need.