Layout Editor is a third tool of the Webmaster mode that is aimed at re-arranging the info blocks on a page. You can drag-n-drop the info blocks using this tool to change the position.

To use the tool:

  1. Choose a store page in the storefront that you want to apply your changes to.
  2. Enable the Webmaster mode by clicking the ‘Gear’ icon in the bottom left corner when loggen in as an admin.
  3. Open the Layout Editor tab: layout_editor.png

  4. Enable the Drag-n-drop blocks option. Hover a mouse to see the info blocks that you can work with on the chosen page.
  5. Apply the required changes:
    • To change a block position pick it with a mouse and start dragging.

      The system will highlight a position on a page where the block can be dropped.

    • To disable a block click on the EYE icon on the block.

      The block will be removed from the page and will be listed as disabled. disabled_block.png

      To see disabled blocks on the page click on them.

    • To enable a block back click on the EYE icon on the block.

  6. Save the changes when done.