This is a basic checklist to make sure everything is migrated correctly and your store is ready to go live. Go through it and make sure that each functionality works properly.

  • You can create a product, category, and user in the admin area;
  • You can edit orders according to your needs;
  • Home, category and product pages look properly in store-front;
  • Search section in storefront can find the correct products;
  • Customers can create new accounts and existing customers can log in using their passwords;
  • Shipping methods are calculated properly on the checkout:
    • If you use online shipping calculators, make sure their credentials are filled in in Store setup > Shipping section;
    • If you use different shipping rates for different destination zones, make sure that right shipping rates are applied to right zones in the same Store setup > Shipping section;
  • Payment methods are configured and can accept payments;
  • All static pages are displayed properly and display the right content;
  • All orders are migrated and up to date;
  • Contact information is properly populated in Store Setup > Contact information section;
  • If you want to use SMTP server for email notifications, set it up in the Store setup > Email notifications > E-Mail transfer settings section;
  • Migration Wizard does not transfer existing Gift Certificates and Testimonials. Make sure you have copied them from the X-Cart 4 store manually;
  • Migration Wizard does not transfer any sales taxes or tax classes. Make sure you have configured them manually. (If you don’t see Sales Tax line in Taxes section - install free addons ‘Sales Tax’ and ‘VAT Tax’ via the ‘My Addons’ section);
  • Make sure you filled in SEO information in the Store setup > SEO settings section in the admin area.

The points above are required to check before switching your existing store with X-Cart 5, but they are not limited to them. You may need to check other parts of the store depending on what functionality is heavily used by your clients.