The migration of data from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 is based on model importing. The data is processed in chunks, and the process may take a while depending on the volume of data that needs to be transferred.

To fine-tune the process, the following settings are available in the <X‑Cart>/etc/config.local.php config file in your X-Cart 5 installation:

  • migration_chunk_length defines the number of records to be processed during one iteration. The greater the value the faster the process will go, but it will be more likely that the process will be timed out by the server. You need to find a sweet spot in this setting’s value if you do care about minimizing time of data transfer;
  • disable_secret_check disables blowfish key check while connecting to DB. Useful when you need to save time and do not care if user passwords are not migrated;
  • disable_ssl_check disables SSL check for URL-related operations. Set it to true, if your SSL certificate causes any problems while opening pages via HTTPS;
  • disable_follow_redirects disables following HTTP redirects when processing URLs. Your URLs can be redirected to other address and migration wizard will follow these redirects to access the actual content of the URL. If you want to disable this ‘following’, set this option to true;
  • disable_images_import disables import of all images;
  • enable_copy_ext_images enables copying of external images to X-Cart 5 location. If your X‑Cart 5 is on one server, X‑Cart 4 is on another and this option is enabled, X‑Cart 5 will copy images to its server by downloading it.

If the <X-Cart>/etc/config.local.php file does not exist in your X-Cart 5 store, you will need to create it in order to use settings above. Below is the example of such file. Uncomment the settings you want to use by removing the ‘;’ symbol in front of it.

; <?php /*
; WARNING: Do not change the line above
;  --------------------------------- 
; |   X-Cart 5 configuration file   |
;  --------------------------------- 

;migration_chunk_length = 20
;disable_secret_check = true
;disable_ssl_check = true
;disable_follow_redirects = true
;disable_images_import = true
;enable_copy_ext_images = true

; WARNING: Do not change the line below
; */ ?>