Below is the data that can be transferred by the X-Cart v4 to v5 Data Migration Wizard module:

Сonfiguration settings - General settings;
- Default customer address;
- Weight and Length symbols;
- Purchase limits;
- Defaut admin/customer language;
- Ship-from address;
- Contact Us information. Contact Us form settings are not migrated to X-Cart 5;
- SEO-friendly URLs. Clean URLs are enabled in X-Cart 5 automatically;

- The currency is NOT transferred and you need to define the currency in X-Cart 5 before the migration.
Сontent - Static pages (Only embedded ones);
- Menu items from Speed bar section.
Products - General info (name, price, sku, etc);
- Images and Detailed images;
- Clean URLs;
- Product options (including product variants and variant images);
- International descriptions;
- Product reviews and votes;
- Related products;
- Wholesale prices (for product variants as well);
- Feature comparison;
- Extra fields. They will be converted to Attributes in X-Cart 5;
- Bestsellers. Bestsellers settings are not migrated to X-Cart 5;
- E-Goods. Only the filepaths are migrated. The files themselves are not transitioned.
Categories - General info (name, description, etc);
- Images;
- Clean URLs;
- International descriptions;
- Featured products.
Users All info;

How to transfer user passwords:
- If you are migrating from X-Cart 4.1.x-4.4.x, you need to specify blowfish key on Hence all user passwords are migrated safely providing that a valid Blowfish key is specified at the Step 2 - Connect of the migration wizard and passwords will be transferred properly;
- If you are migrating from X-Cart 4.5.x and later, passwords will not work after the migration. In order to allow customers log in using old passwords, you need to install [Migration: Restore logins of X-Cart 4 users module]( from the marketplace and specify X-Cart 4 blowfish key inside its settings.
Memberships All info including multilanguage data.
Zones All info.
Payment settings Settings of the following payment processors are transferred:
- AuthorizeNet;
- EWay;
- Moneybookers;
- PayPal (Standard, Express Checkout, Payflow Link, Payflow Transparent Redirect, Paypal Advanced, Paypal WPS);
- 2Checkout.
Shipping settings User defined shipping methods and rates;
Settings of the following real-time shipping processors:
- Australia Post;
- Canada Post;
- DHL;
- FedEx;
- USPS; Settings of UPS are NOT migrated.
Orders All info.