You may choose to run a migration in the Demo mode. Only a limited number of categories, products, users and orders will be transferred in this case.

If you have a really big store (say, 100 000 products), you can quickly see how your products, categories, orders, etc will look like on X-Cart 5 and after that make a decision whether to proceed with the complete transfer of your store or not.

To run a demo migration, select the ‘Demo migration’ option at the ‘Select’ step of the migration wizard, and only the following data will be migrated:

  • 10 latest orders;
  • products from those orders;
  • users for those orders;
  • all the categories;
  • 10 products from one of the categories;
  • the rest of the X-Cart 4 store data (settings, destination zones, static pages, etc) will be migrated in full.

After demo migration is completed, a link to the category with the migrated products will be provided, so you can review these products.