First of all, make sure the Shopper Approved addon is installed and enabled in the Addons section of your store Admin area. If enabled proceed to the addon Settings page.


There you’ll be given an option either to sign up for Shopper Approved or to connect manually with an existing account.


If you don’t have an account as yet hit Sign Up and the system will automatically create a Shopper Approved account for you and link your X-Cart store with it.

Please make sure the Site administrator e-mails are defined correctly in the Store setup -> Contact information section of the Admin area. Otherwise you won’t get your access details to the Shopper Approved dashboard.

If you have a Shopper Approved account hit the ‘Connect with existing account’ button and fill in the required fields manually.


You’ll need to specify the following data:

  • ShopperApproved Site ID: Get this info in the Dashboard -> User Info section at ShopperApproved
  • ShopperApproved API Token: Get this info in the Dashboard -> User Info section at ShopperApproved
  • ShopperApproved Site Domain: Your X-Cart store URL e.g.

When enabled the Shopper Approved addon creates a Read our reviews static page that is aimed to promote verified reviews you gain through the Shopper Approved addon. You can customize it to your liking in the Content -> Pages section of the Admin area or add the merchant reviews widget to any other static page. The Read our reviews static page may appear empty until you receive first reviews and approve them at Shopper Approved dashboard.

Further addon set-up can be done in the Content -> Shopper Approved section of the store Admin area.


Options that you can define in the Product and Category pages tab are as follows:

  • Use Shopper Approved widget instead of the default one : YES/NO (The widget will display the reviews submitted via the Shopper Approved addon only, all reviews submitted earlier will not be available to customers)
  • Star size : Regular/Big
  • Maximum number of reviews to display : from 3 to 20
  • Date format : choose the one you like better

Save changes when done.

More settings are available under the Product -> Code section of your ShopperApproved dashboard on the “Step 2. Select Your Options” step.


The Merchant Review Survey tab allows you to enable/disable a brief survey on the thank you page and a necessity of mandatory comments. More settings are available under the Merchant -> Surveys section of your ShopperApproved dashboard where you can set up follow-up emails survey to all customers who check out.


Since ShopperApproved uses Google feed data format you’ll need to install and enable the Google Product Feed addon and generate a data feed using it. The data feed will be automatically imported to ShopperApproved and you can find a link to it in the Dashboard -> Product -> Integration section at ShopperApproved.


Once the Google data feed is submitted to ShopperApproved your product reviews become available in the dashboard where you can manage them further.


Afterwards the reviews will be updated automatically each time you re-generate Google feed in X-Cart.

Customers of your X-Cart store will be prompted to leave a feedback once an order is placed. They will see a pop-up screen where they can rate their customer experience and also answer the questions from the survey: