To start using the module on your system, do the following

  1. Ensure that your system meets the module system requirements and install the module (See Abandoned Cart Reminder module system requirements and installation).

  2. Configure the module: Set the cut-off time for abandoned carts (the time period after which the module should  list a customer’s cart as “abandoned”) in the module’s configuration settings (See Configuring the Abandoned Cart Reminder module).

Once the above steps are completed, the module is ready to use.

Now your store can keep track of shopping carts that get abandoned and allows you to prepare and send abandoned cart reminders to their owners.

First, you should create some abandoned cart reminders. To create an abandoned cart reminder means to add a message that will be sent to the users who abandoned their cart and to define some essential properties for this message, such as whether it should be sent automatically or manually, whether sending the message should or should not create a discount coupon for the customer, and so on. For full instructions on creating a reminder, see Creating reminders.

To review the carts that are currently in the abandoned state, use your store’s Abandoned carts list. For instructions on how to read the information provided by this list and manage abandoned carts, see Abandoned carts list.

To send reminders to the owners of abandoned carts, follow the instructions in Sending reminders

To find out about the number of carts and the amount of revenue recaptured through using the module, view your store’s Cart recovery statistics (See Viewing cart recovery statistics).

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