This page provides information on the following actions with abandoned carts:

Viewing/filtering the abandoned carts list

When a cart becomes abandoned, it is added to your store’s abandoned carts list.

To view the abandoned carts list:

  • In your store’s Admin area, go to the Abandoned carts page (Orders > Abandoned carts). If your store has any abandoned carts, you will see them listed here. 

The Abandoned carts page allows you to filter the list by an e-mail substring and/or a date range:

The list of abandoned carts is presented in the form of a table. For each cart on the list, the following information is provided:

  • Email: The email address of the abandoned cart owner.
  • Products: Information about the products contained in the abandoned cart (product names, quantities, selected options).
  • Subtotal: Subtotal amount of the abandoned order.
  • Coupons: (This column is displayed only when Abandoned Cart Reminder is used in conjunction with the Coupons addon) The coupon codes that were generated for the abandoned cart.
  • Date: Since when the cart has been in the abandoned state.
  • Notified: Whether any abandoned cart reminder emails have been sent to the cart owner and how many times (+ the date when a reminder email was last sent for the cart).

Sending reminders 

If a reminder needs to be sent not to all, but just some of the abandoned carts on your store’s abandoned carts list, you must send it manually.

To send a reminder email to owners of specific carts:

  1. In the Viewing/filtering the abandoned carts list, locate the carts for which you wish to send the reminder message and select them by selecting the respective check boxes in the first column. The Remind selected customers button below the list becomes active:

  2. Click Remind selected customers. A popup titled Choose reminder appears: 

  3. In the popup, use the Reminder drop-down box to select the reminder message you wish to send and click Send reminder. The reminder message will be sent to the owners of all selected carts.

Deleting abandoned carts

When you no longer need an abandoned cart to be stored, you can delete it.

To deleted an abandoned cart:

  1. In the Viewing/filtering the abandoned carts list, find the abandoned cart you wish to delete and select it by selecting the respective check box in the first column.
  2. Click the More actions for selected link below the list and select Clear selected carts

    The cart will be deleted.

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