Improve shopping experience by displaying the add-to-cart action confirmation where it cannot go unnoticed by the customer - in a popup, right before the customer’s eyes, which gives the customer assurance that everything is going the right way.

The Add to cart module is a free module available in X-Cart Business, Multivendor and Ultimate that optimizes your store website for higher conversion rates and is an effective upselling and cross-selling tool, that displays 3 recommended products.

To configure the Add to cart module you should have it installed and enabled as described in Activating and deactivating addons. Once enabled proceed to the module Settings page:


You’ll see a screen with the module configuration settings:


Here you can choose the sources of products that will be displayed in the ‘Customer also bought’ section of the ‘Add to Cart’ popup dialog and set the priority of sources.

The default settings are to show random products in the popup and show the popup after a product is added to cart via drag-n-drop. You can disable the popup after drag-n-dropping if preferred using the checkbox at the top of the page.

If you have Product Advisor and Related Products modules installed and enabled you can also show related products and/or products bought with this item by other customers. Just enable the options and set the priority of displaying by drag-n-dropping the settings. The options will be displayed in the order of appearance.

Your customers can proceed to checkout directly from the popup.


They also have the option to continue shopping by closing the popup or get interested in the products it recommends, and either add it to cart or view the product details page.