The addon allows you to turn some or all the products on your website into bookable ones. A bookable product has all the features of a regular non-bookable product; however, your customers don’t just buy it, but reserve it for a limited time.

The details page of a bookable product provides a widget allowing website visitors to check the product’s availability for the period they require:

Bookable products can be simple or more complex (configured with attributes and product variants). When a bookable product has variants, the addon displays the list of its available variants in the form of a table where each variant is a separate line. At the end of the line a field is provided allowing a user to specify the number of reservations of the variant they wish to make for the specified dates. It is possible to have a name for each specific variant in the table and, if necessary, a column providing information about the maximum number of guests that is possible for each of the variants:

The product’s price is treated as the price of a 1 night’s reservation. The total price of a reservation is calculated based on the number of nights in the selected reservation period.

The addon also provides the ability to track reservations: The “stock level” settings of a product or product variant - product quantity or variant quantity - are used to specify the maximum number of simultaneous reservations that are possible for it. If a product is sold out for the dates specified by a user wishing to make a reservation, the addon will suggest that the user should choose a different period. For products with variants the addon tracks the number of reservations per variant and hides any variants that are sold out from the list.

The addon is mobile-friendly: by using responsive design techniques, it can display available bookable variants on tablets and other mobile devices without scroll bars:

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