Braintree Payment Gateway addon integrates X-Cart with the Braintree Payments solutions and supports the such payment methods as Credit & Debit cards, PayPal & PayPal Credit, Venmo, Apple and Google Pay.


Installing Braintree Payment Gateway Addon

In case the Braintree payment gateway addon is not installed in your store you can install it using one of the following ways:

  1. Via X-Cart Service Screen:

    • Go to the My addons section in your store Admin area. You will be redirected to the My Addons page of the X-Cart Service Screen;
    • Search for the Braintree Payment Gateway addon: braintree-addon-service-php.png
    • Click Install addon button and follow the regular procedure of an addon installation described in Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.
  2. Via the Payment methods section of X-Cart Admin area:

    • Go to the Payment methods section of your store Admin area (Store setup -> Payment methods);
    • Click the Add payment button and search for a Braintree payment as described in the Adding Payment Methods article of our Knowledge Base;
    • Click on the Install button opposite the “Braintree, a PayPal company” payment method: add-payment-install.png You will be redirected to the X-Cart Service Screen where you can proceed with the payment installation as described above.

The Braintree Payment Gateway addon can not be installed along with the PayPal Powered by Braintree addon. So if you are using the “PayPal powered by Braintree” payment, delete the addon before installing the Braintree Payment Gateway addon instead.

Configuring Braintree Payment Gateway Addon

To configure the Braintree payment gateway addon open the addon settings page as follows:

  1. Go to the Payment methods section of your store Admin area (Store setup -> Payment methods).
  2. Click the Add payment method button: 540-add-payment-button.png An add payment pop-up wil be displayed.
  3. Search for the Braintree, a PayPal company payment method in the pop-up and click Add opposite it: app-payment.png

    In case you see the Install button opposite a payment method instead of the Add button, this means that the payment method is not installed in your store and you need to install it first to be able to use it further.

    You will be redirected to the “Braintree, a PayPal company” payment settings page: settings-page.png

  4. On the payment settings page:
    • if you don’t have a Braintree account:
      • click on the Sigh up for Braintree button: sign-up-for-braintree.png

        A Braintree sign-up page will be opened in a new tab, where you can register with Braintree and create an account. Use your new Braintree account data for the further payment set-up.

    • if you already have a Braintree account, fill in the settings page fields with your Braintree account data:
      • Merchant ID : Specify your Braintree account merchant ID in this field. The field is required.
      • Public key : Specify your Braintree account public key in this field. The field is required.
      • Private key : Specify your Braintree account public key in this field. The field is required.
      • Use Vault : The setting determines whether to save the credit cart data or not. If set to “YES”, the CC data will be automatically saved for all customers.
      • Kount merchant ID : Specify your Kount merchant ID in case you want the orders to be cheked with the Kount antifroud services.
      • Google Pay merchant ID : Specify your Google Pay merchant ID if you want to give your customers an option to pay with Google Pay.
      • Test/Live mode : Use this setting to select the operation mode for your Braintree integration. Before you can offer Braintree payment gateway on your website, you will first need to successfully carry out some required test transactions. To do the testing, you will need to set the operation mode of your integration to Test. When the payment is ready for production use, you can switch the Test/Live mode setting to Live.
      • Auto settle : If this option is set to “YES”, transactions will be captured automatically at the moment a customer places an order. Otherwise, you only get an authorization on the payment method a customer selected at checkout, but not charge them until you fulfill the order. To actually charge the funds you have authorized, you need to manually capture the payment amount by clicking the Capture button on the details page of the respective order in your X-Cart store.
      • Braintree invoice number prefix : If you use the same account to accept payments from more than one X-Cart stores, use this field to set an invoice number prefix for this store. The prefix will serve as an identifier of the store and will help you to avoid errors of the “duplicate invoice number” type. It’s recommended to limit the length of invoice prefix to 9 characters. Larger prefixes will be cut prior to transaction initialization.
      • Ask customer to save card in vault : If this option is set to “YES”, customers will see the “Save card for future orders in this shop” check-box at checkout and will be able to use it to save the CC info. If this option is set to “NO”, there will be no check-box for customers at checkout and whether the CC data is saved or not will be determined by the Use Vault setting.
      • Use 3-D Secure : If this option is set to “YES”, aditional customer identity checks will be conducted within the Braintree 3D Secure integration.
  5. Click Save changes if you want to make the settings active.

Adding PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay Payment Options

Such payment options like PayPal and PayPal Credit, Venmo and Apple Pay are enabled and configured in a Braintree customer account.

  1. To add an Apple Pay payment you should:
    • initiate a certificate exchange with your Apple account using one of the following ways:
      • open the Settings -> Processing -> Apple Pay -> Options -> Apple Merchant Certificates (iOS) -> Add page of your Braintree account and add your certificate as described below: image (4).png
      • add the certificate via the<MERCHANT_ID>/processing/apple_pay/certificates/new link where stands for your valid Braintree merchant ID.
    • verify your store domain name as described here.
  2. To add PayPal payments you should register your PayPal email, Client Id and Client Secret or use the Login with PayPal button instead in your Braintree account: paypal.png

    More guides on the PayPal payments set-up ypu can find here.

  3. To add Venmo payment in your Braintree account you should follow the steps described here. In general, you should:
    • Log into the production Braintree Control Panel;
    • Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner;
    • Click Processing from the drop-down menu;
    • Scroll to the Payment Methods section;
    • Next to Venmo, click the Enable button;
    • Complete the application form, including:
      • A display name for your business (120 character limit)
      • An image for your business, preferably your app’s icon (1024x1024 PNG)
      • Your company’s phone, email, or URL to be included in customer purchase receipts; you can choose to provide one or all of these items
    • Click the Start Approval Process button.

    Once submitted, your application status – including final approval status – will be displayed on the Processing page. Depending on your business type, the approval process could take several business days.