The Call for Price addon allows you to hide the price and “Add to cart” button for particular products and show a message instead.

To install the addon, follow instructions from Installing addons from the Marketplace

Once the addon has been enabled, you can change the default ‘Call for price’ message.

To do so, open the addon Settings page:


You’ll see a screen like this:


Here you can adjust the text that is displayed to your customers in your store frontend.

The default text will look as follows:


Enabling the ‘Call for Price’ Option for Products

The ‘Call for price’ option can be enabled:

  1. Per product:
    • Choose the product you need fro the list (Catalog -> Products) and open the Product details page
    • Locate the Prices section in the Info tab product-details.png
    • Turn ON the Call for price trigger above it
    • Save the changes
  2. Per product variant
    • Enable the ‘Call for price’ option for the product as described above
    • Open the Variants tab of the Product details page
    • Locate the Cart icon opposite the product variant variants.png
    • Switch it to Call for price
    • Save the changes

    In case the ‘Call for price’ option is enabled not for all the variants available a customer will see it like this:

  3. Via ‘Bulk edit’:
    • Open the Product listing page (Catalog -> Products)
    • Mark the products you need
    • Locate the Cart icon in the ‘Bulk edit’ palette in the bottom product-list.png
    • Switch to Call for price
    • Save changes
  4. Via Import
    • Follow the guides from How to import data and use the field callForPrice to enable the ‘Call for price’ option for a product and the field variantCallForPrice to enable the option for product variants.

When the ‘Call for price’ feature is enabled a customer will see it like this: apparel.png