The Call for Price addon allows you to hide the price and “Add to cart” button for particular products and show a message instead.

To install the addon, follow instructions from Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store call4price_addon.png

Once the addon has been enabled, you can change the default ‘Call for price’ message.

To do so, open the addon Settings page: settings-1.png

You will see a screen like this: settings-2.png

Here you can adjust the text that is displayed to your customers in your store frontend.

The default text will look as follows:


Enabling the ‘Call for Price’ Option for Products

The ‘Call for price’ option can be enabled:

  1. Per product:
    • Choose the product you need fro the list (Catalog -> Products) and open the Product details page
    • Locate the Prices section in the Info tab product-details.png
    • Turn ON the Call for price trigger above it
    • Save the changes
  2. Per product variant
    • Enable the ‘Call for price’ option for the product as described above
    • Open the Variants tab of the Product details page
    • Locate the Cart icon opposite the product variant variants.png
    • Switch it to Call for price
    • Save the changes

    In case the ‘Call for price’ option is enabled not for all the variants available a customer will see it like this:

  3. Via ‘Bulk edit’:
    • Open the Product listing page (Catalog -> Products)
    • Mark the products you need
    • Locate the Cart icon in the ‘Bulk edit’ palette in the bottom product-list.png
    • Switch to Call for price
    • Save changes
  4. Via Import
    • Follow the guides from How to import data and use the field callForPrice to enable the ‘Call for price’ option for a product and the field variantCallForPrice to enable the option for product variants.

When the ‘Call for price’ feature is enabled a customer will see it like this: apparel.png