To enable CloudSearch & CloudFilters in your X-Cart store, you need the addon CloudSearch - Robust eCommerce Search & Filtering Engine. If this addon is installed in your store, you will find it via the My addons section of the store’s Admin area. cloudsearch_addon.png Make sure this addon is enabled.

If the CloudSearch addon is not installed in your store for some reason, you can obtain it from the X-Cart App Store. General instructions for addon installation can be found in the section Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

After the addon has been enabled, your 30-day free trial of CloudSearch is started automatically. You can view your current CloudSearch trial status or upgrade to paid service via the CloudSearch Dashboard.

Note that if you are going to use the CloudFilters component along with CloudSearch, you will want to enable the use of CloudFilters from the CloudSearch settings page. This will launch your 30-day free trial of CloudFilters. Instructions on how to enable and configure CloudFilters in your store are available in the section Configuring and Using CloudFilters. After enabling CloudFilters, you can play with the filtering system on your store site for the duration of the entire free trial period or upgrade to paid service via the CloudFilters settings page.