The addon Customer Files Uploads & Product Attachments can be used to enable customers to attach files to a product before purchasing it so the store administrator can download those files when processing the order. customer_file_attach_addon.png

To make use of customer file attachments, you will need to:

PREREQUISITES: Make sure the addon Customer Files Uploads & Product Attachments is installed and active.

For help with installing or activating the addon, see the section Managing Addons of this manual.

Configure the Addon

After making sure the addon is installed and active, proceed to adjust the addon settings: customer_file_attach_settings_link.png

You can adjust the following settings: customer_file_attach_settings.png

  • Max number of files that can be attached : Specify the maximum number of files that can be attached to a product.
  • Allowed file extensions : Provide a comma separated list of file extensions that should be allowed for upload; for example, “jpg,txt,svg”.
  • Max file size (MB). Set to “0” (zero) for unlimited : Set the maximum file size. Note that the PHP settings upload_max_filesize and post_max_size may impose their own limitations on the maximum size of file uploads if they are lower than the ones specified in the addon settings. To increase these parameters, edit the file php.ini or contact your server administrator for assistance.

Be sure to submit the settings to make them active.

Enable Customer File Attachments for Products

Once the addon settings have been configured, you can proceed to enable customer file attachments for your products:

  1. In the store back end, go to Catalog -> Products and locate the product for which you want to allow attachments. Open the product details.
  2. On the product details page, enable the setting Allow buyers to attach files to this product. adm-product-details-1.png
  3. Specify whether file attachments should be mandatory for the product or not: adm-product-details-2.png
  4. Save the changes.

That’s it. File attachments for the product are now enabled. Your customers will be able to access the product file attachments widget both on the product quick view page and on the product details page:

Product details pagecus-product-details.png
Quick view pagecus-quick-view.png

Note that if the addon settings require that product attachments should be mandatory, a customer will not be able to proceed to checkout without first adding a file to the product they want to order. The files attached will be registered and displayed on the cart page and in the customer invoice:

Cart pagecus-cart.png
Invoice pageinvoice.png

The store administrator will be able to check and download the files attached to the product by a customer via the order details page (Orders -> Order list):