The addon eCC Desktop: Quickbooks integration for X-Cart 5 allows you to connect your X-Cart based store with eCC Desktop, a Quickbooks integration solution by Webgility, a leading provider of eCommerce integration software. 

eCC Desktop isan Intuit Gold-certified PC application that connects to your online store, QuickBooks, and shipping processors to automate your eCommerce accounting, inventory and shipping. eCC Desktop allows you to manage all your eCommerce operations from one place and eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. It works with QuickBooks for PC (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Point of Sale) and supports FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping.

To start using Webgility’s eCC Desktop solution with X-Cart 5:

  1. Download and install eCC Desktop software. You will need to go to and sign up for a Webgility account or use your existing account. 
  2. In your X-Cart store’s Admin area, go to the My addons section, search for the addon eCC Desktop: Quickbooks integration in the X-Cart Marketplace and install it in your store: Once the installation process is completed, the addon will be added to the list of your store’s installed addons in the Installed Addons section.
  3. Use the Settings link to go to the addon setting page:
  4. The addon settings page provides your store’s connection details: Store Module URL and Access Key.
  5. Connect your X-Cart store to eCC Desktop using the instructions from Webgility’s Help Desk article on connecting eCC Desktop to X-Cart.

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