The addon E-goods modifies your X-Cart 5 store so it can be used to sell digitally distributed content (also known as digital goods / e-goods / digital distribution products). egoods_addon.png

Activating this addon does not prevent you from selling tangible products in the same online store.

The addon E-goods extends the functionality of the addon File Attachments allowing you to specify whether a file uploaded for a product can be accessed from the product page at any time freely, or can be downloaded only after the product has been purchased.

The addon E-goods makes use of X-Cart’s memberships feature allowing you to restrict customer access to specific files based on customer membership; this can be used to provide different files to different customer membership levels.

For more control of your downloadable goods orders, the addon enables you to include an additional step into your order processing routine for downloadable products so you can manually review and approve an order before the buyer can actually access the downloadable content they have ordered.

The addon helps you to combat piracy by limiting the number of days that a download link should be available and the number of times that this link can be used by customers.

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