The addon Flyout Categories Menu is free and available in all X-Cart 5 editions (Business, Multivendor and Ultimate). The addon extends the default left-column categories representation with a vertical drop-down menu for the categories list.


To enable the addon follow the instructions from Activating and Deactivating Addons. Once enabled proceed to the addon settings page to configure it:


The addon has three options that you can enable/disable at your choice:


  • Show number of products in category : Enable if you need to show the number of products in a category next to the category’s name.
  • Wrap long category names : Enable if you need word wrapping for long category names.
  • Show category triangles : Enable if you need to display a tiny triangle next the names of categories that include subcategories. Categories that do not contain subcategories will not be furnished with a triangle. Having this option activated would help your store visitors to navigate through your category tree better.