Important: The addon “Fractional and Fixed quantities” is deprecated and not supported.

The addon “Fractional and Fixed quantities” provides a number of product quantity related features for your X-Cart 5 online store.

With this addon you can:

  • set different quantity units for the different products in your store (useful if you need to * sell candies by the pound, ribbon by the yard, fabric by the bolt, etc.);
  • sell the same product using different quantity units (for example, fabric by the yard and by the bolt);
  • sell products using decimal product quantities (for example, 0.5 meters of fabric);
  • sell products in packs containing fixed quantities of items (a dozen of eggs; a 6-count multipack of water bottles, a 60-count box of pens, etc.);
  • set allowed quantities which can be added to cart at a time (1 box, 5 boxes, 10 boxes, etc.)

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