Important: The addon “Fractional and Fixed quantities” is deprecated and not supported.

After the addon has been installed and enabled, it needs to be configured. The addon configuration settings can be accessed via the Settings link below the product name on the Installed Addons list:

The “Fractional and Fixed quantities” addon settings page looks like the following:

For the time being, the only available setting is Enhanced method compatibility mode. This setting toggles the so-called enhanced payment method compatibility mode. With this mode enabled, the payment methods that are expected to pass on to the payment gateway information about the quantity of each product in the cart as a whole value will pass a single combined product with a price equalling the combined total of the prices of the products in the order and the quantity of 1. With this mode disabled, such payment methods will become unavailable if the cart contains fractional product quantities.

Once you’re done configuring the addon settings, be sure to click the Submit button to save the changes.

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