With the addon Free shipping and Shipping freights by X-Cart team it is possible to set a shipping freight and to configure free shipping on specific products. free_ship_addon.png

The addon provides a few shipping related settings that can be adjusted for products that require shipping (You can find them in the “Shipping” section of the Info tab of a product’s details): Shipping freight, Free shipping and Exclude from shipping cost calculation. product_shipping.png

The addon also has a settings page where you can specify whether the shipping cost for products with a defined shipping freight value should be calculated as shipping freight only or whether the shipping freight for such products should be added to the regular shipping rate. settings.png

For information on how to set free shipping on specific products and control the shipping methods with which such products should be shipped, see Free Shipping on Specific Products.

For information on how to set a fixed shipping fee for specific products, see Shipping Freight.

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