To improve the user experience of non-logged in customers X-Cart 5 is integrated with a free IP geolocation database GeoLite by Maxmind within the Geolocation module. The module works in bunble with many other features in X-Cart and allows e.g. to “guess” the customers’ country and address for more precise pre-login shipping cost estimation.

First of all, check that the Geolocation module is installed and enabled.


If you need to change the geolocation configuration settings proceed to the module settings page. It will look as follows:


By default, X-Cart uses the MaxMind database (GeoLite2-Country.mmdb) that allows to define a customer’s location accurate to a country. The default database provider is predefind in the Default geolocation provider field on the module settings page.

The rest of the settings are:

  • Display location select widget : When enabled a “My location” select widget is displayed in the header of the store frontend.


    This widget allows a customer to specify his location accurate to a zipcode.


    For the Crisp White skin the “My Location” select widget is displayed only if there is an opportunity for a customer to choose between several currencies (i.e. the Multicurrency Module is installed and enabled).

    If a store has only one currency and one language set up the widget is not displayed. If a store has a single currency and several languages set up the widget displays the country that is defined automatically by the customer’s IP without an oppotunity to change it.

  • Upload extended database : You can upload an extended .mmdb database to get user location by IP more accurately. With MaxMind databases you can choose between:

    MaxMind GeoIP2 databases are more accurate than the GeoLite2 databases. The default GeoLite2-Country database allows to define a customer’s location accurate to a country. If you need a more accurate database you can switch to a free GeoLite2-City database that defines a customer’s location accurate to a city. If you need more options try one of the paid GeoIP2 databases.

    • To upload a new database you need to:
      • download a zipped database package from,
      • decompress the database archive to get the .mmdb file and
      • upload the .mmdb file to your X-Cart installation using the “Choose file” option opposite the Upload extended database field.

      If necessary you can evert to default database using a special checkbox under the Database file in use field value.

  • Database file in use : The field shows the database file that is currently in use by the Geolocation module.