The addon Gift Wrapping allows you to offer a gift wrapping option to your customers.

To start using the addon, make sure it is installed and enabled as described in Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store. gift_wrapping_addon.png

After the addon has been installed, proceed to the addon settings page to configure the options.

The “Gift Wrapping” addon settings page allows you to define the following settings:


  • Allow adding a greeting message to orders : Enable if you want to allow customers adding a greeting message or a comment to an order.
  • Flat fee per order : Set a flat fee for a gift wrapping per order (covers all items in an order).
  • Additional fee per item (starting from the second one) : If applicable set a fee for each additional item in a cart.

Submit the changes to make them active.

For the attention of the users of the Multivendor addon:

The Gift Wrapping addon adds the Sum up gift wrapping costs setting to the Multivendor addon settings page, that should be enabled for the Gift Wrapping addon to function properly.

When enabled and configured, the addon adds an “Add gift wrapping” checkbox to the cart page in the storefront that a customer can use to add a gift wrapping to the order.


If the Allow adding a greeting message to orders option is enabled, the customer can also add a greeting message or a comment there. cus-greeting-message.png

Both the gift wrapping option and the greeting messag are then added to cart and displayed at checkout in the storefront and in the order details in the Admin area: