Google AdWords is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and growing your user base. It gives a merchant an ability to evaluate the effectiveness of a business campaign and make necessary adjustments if required.

X-Cart allows you to submit data to Google AdWords and get access to all the advantages it gives via the Segment Integration addon facilities. segment_integration_addon.png

To be able to submit data to Google AdWords you need the Segment Integration Addon installed, enabled and configured to collect data from your X-Cart store.

To configure Google AdWords via Segment a store admin should:

  1. Open the Segment back end.
  2. Click Add destination on the Segment Overview page: add-destination-overview.png
  3. Choose Google AdWords from the list: destimation-choose-ga.png
  4. Click the Configure Google AdWords New button (any of them) to proceed further: configure-ga.png
  5. Choose the source site the data to be transferred from: select-source-ga.png
  6. Follow the configuration procedures as described in Segment Docs setup-guide-ga.png
  7. Enable the Google AdWords New destination when you are done.