Use the addon Hide Prices if you need to hide prices and disable the shop functionality for non-registered users or any other group of users. Such visitors will be able to browse your online catalog (without the prices), but will not be able to add anything to cart or proceed to checkout.

Starting with X-Cart the addon functionality is included into the Request a Price & Hide Prices (former Call for Price) addon.

To install the addon, follow the instructions from Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store hide_prices_addon.png

Atfer the addon has been installed, open the addon Settings page.

You will see a screen like this: hide-prices-settings-2.png

Here you can select the user types that you want to hide prices from and disable checkout for.

The visitors that are not allowed to see store prices and checkout will see the storefront like this: hide-prices-customer.png

Hence they will be forced to sign in/up to buy a product.