The creation and editing of Mailchimp lists for use with your X-Cart store is done outside X-Cart on the Mailchimp end. For more info on Mailchimp lists, see the Mailchimp Knowledge Base article. Any lists and list groups configured in your Mailchimp account before connecting your X-Cart store to Mailchimp are imported into your X-Cart store automatically. You can find them on the Sales channels > Mailchimp lists page. xc5_mailchimp_lists.png

If you have edited your lists/groups in your Mailchimp account recently, the Sales channels > Mailchimp lists page in your X-Cart store’s Admin area may not be displaying the actual state of your lists; in this case, you can use the Update Mailchimp Lists button on the “Mailchimp Integration” addon settings page in X-Cart to synchronize the data between the systems. xc5_mailchimp_update_lists_button.png

In any case, you need to make sure that the lists and groups you have configured on the Mailchimp end are visible on the Sales channels > Mailchimp lists page in your X-Cart store’s Admin area. Be sure to check this page and do the following:

  • Use the On/Off buttons before the names of specific lists and groups to specify the lists and groups that should be active for your store. The active lists and groups will be visible on the forms that your store users will use to select the lists/groups to which they want to subscribe. Inactive lists/groups will not appear on such forms, and thus your store users will not be able to select them.

  • Use the check boxes in the “Subscribe by default” column to specify which lists and groups a user should be subscribed to if they opt in to receive your store’s email newsletter via a single check box option (without choosing the specific lists/groups - for example, by subscribing via the “Sign up for Your company name news” box in the site footer, or by choosing the option “Subscribe to our news list and be in touch with our latest offers” during checkout).