This section covers the order related messaging features and actions available to you via the Admin area of an X-Cart based online store using the addon Messages.

Getting notified about new messages and disputes

Whenever someone sends you a message or opens a dispute, you will be notified about it via a bell notification in your X-Cart store’s Admin area:


You can expand the bell notification menu and access your new messages or disputes by clicking on the respective link (“Messages” or “Disputes”):


While on the order details page, you will know you have new unread messages/disputes submitted with regard to the current order if a small number label is displayed next to the Messages tab title (The number on the label will show the number of unread messages):


Note that you will also be notified about any new messages/disputes via email.

Messages section: viewing all your messages and disputes in one place

You can easily access all the communication threads (messages and disputes), if any, via the Messages section of your store’s Admin area (Orders -> Messages):


For each communication thread, the following information is provided:

  • Link: Order # to which the communication thread pertains.
  • Message: Latest message in the communication thread. New (unread) messages will be marked (See the note “New message for order” on the screenshot above).
  • Date: Date and time when the latest message in the communication thread was posted. Communication threads with an open dispute will be marked Dispute (in red).

From the Messages section, the following actions are available:

  • View a communication thread. To access the thread you require, click anywhere on the line of the respective conversation in the list. This will open the order details page with the full message thread pertaining to the current conversation.
  • Search for specific communication threads. Use the filter/search panel above the list to provide keywords and filter the search results. (For example, it is possible to search only in unread messages, or only in open disputes, or in all the messages regardless of the type).
  • Mark all or selected communication threads as read or unread.

Viewing/responding to messages for a specific order

You can view messages pertaining to a specific order using one of the following methods:

Method 1: In the Orders list section (Orders -> Orders list), find the order you require and open its details for viewing/editing. msgs_order11.png

Switch to the Messages tab of the order details. msgs_msgs_tab.png

In the section that opens you will find all the messages pertaining to this order. msgs_msgs4order.png

Method 2: In the Messages section (Orders -> Messages), locate the communication thread you require. (You will be able to identify the thread you require by the order number shown in the Link column.)

Click on the thread to access its contents. msgs_select_msg.png

You will be redirected to the Messages section of the order details with the respective communication thread expanded. msgs_msgs4order.png

You can respond to the communication by adding your message to the thread. Type your response in the field that says “Write your message here” and click Submit.

Contacting a customer about a specific order

If necessary, you can write to a customer about their order from the order details page of that order.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Orders list section (Orders -> Orders list), find the order you require and open its details for viewing/editing.

  2. Switch to the Messages tab of the order details. msgs_msgs_tab_wo.png

  3. In the section that opens, type your message and click Submit. msgs_write_from_admin.png

Your message will submitted: msg_admin_msg_submitted.png

Now the customer will be able to read the message and reply to you in the same thread.

Finding orders with unread/any messages

You can easily find orders with messages using the advanced search panel on the Orders list page (Orders -> Orders list). With the addon “Messages” installed and enabled, this panel includes the field Messages which you can use to specify the filtering option you require (All orders, Orders with unread messages, Orders with any messages).


Opening/closing a dispute

In the most typical case, when a customer is not happy with the items they have purchased or with the service that has been provided to them, and they want to draw the attention of the store owner to this problem, they will open a dispute. It is also possible, however, to open a dispute on an order from the Admin area.

As long as a dispute is open, you continue your communication with the customer via order messages the normal way, but the respective communication thread is given more prominence (The thread is marked as “Dispute”, and the customer can see that a dispute is in progress).

To open a dispute from the Admin area:

  1. In the Messages section of the details of the order on which you need to open a dispute, click ‘Open dispute’: msgs_open_dispute.png

  2. In the popup, specify a reason for opening the dispute and click Open dispute: msgs_open_dispute1.png

As a result, a dispute will be opened: msgs_open_dispute2.png

As long as the dispute is open, a note in red stating the open status of the dispute, with a mention of by whom and when it was opened (like “Dispute opened on Aug 29, 2018, by Admin Admin”) will be displayed in the Messages section of the order details at the top of the communication thread pertaining to the order.

To close a dispute:

  • In the communication thread pertaining to the order on which you need to close a dispute (in the Messages section of the order details), click ‘Close dispute’: msgs_close_dispute.png

Confirm the action. After that, the dispute will be closed: msgs_close_dispute1.png

Once the dispute has been closed, the note in red color stating the open status of the dispute will be removed from the top of the communication thread.

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