Connect with PayPal (formerly Log In with PayPal) enables a customer to log into your X-Cart based store using their PayPal credentials or they can link their PayPal account to your website so that basic information can be shared.

When you put Connect with PayPal on your website, account creation and other actions are simplified for your customers since they have only one user ID and password to remember, they can have fewer forms to fill out.

To set up the Connect with PayPal feature in your store you need to complete the following steps:

Generating OAuth 2.0 Credentials


  1. To access PayPal Developer site, you must have a PayPal business account. If you don’t have an account then create one first. After you create a PayPal account, you can use this account to login to the PayPal Developer site.

  2. If you don’t have one, you will need to create a PayPal sandbox account so that you can link it to your PayPal app.

To create the OAuth 2.0 credentials:

  1. Go to PayPal’s Developer site and login with your PayPal business account email and password.

  2. Click on My Apps & Credentials in the left menu: cwpp-1.png

    You will see a list of REST PayPal Apps (if any) with a Sanbox/Live toggle at the top of the page. cwpp-2-1.png

  3. Choose between Sandbox and Live depending on the app you want to create.
    • Sandbox : This mode allows testing PayPal REST APIs on the Sandbox environment.
    • Live : This mode allows creating an app to receive REST API credentials for testing and live transactions.
  4. If necessary, scroll down the page and locate the Create App button. Click it. cwpp-2.png

  5. In the form that opens, specify the App Name. If you are using a Sandbox mode, select a sandbox account from Sandbox Business Account: cwpp-3.png Click Create App.

  6. Copy and save the Client ID and Secret for your Sandbox/Live app. You will need them to configure the Connect with PayPal feature in the X-Cart Admin area. cwpp-4.png

  7. Specify additinal app settings:
    • Return URL : The URL to which you redirect buyers from the PayPal website. cwpp-5.png

      You can copy and paste the return URL from the PayPal Checkout addon settings page of your X-Cart Admin Area: 541-redirect-url.png

    • Connect with PayPal : Enable the option for your customers can to use their PayPal login for account management on your website or application. cwpp-6.png

      Proceed to Advanced options and define the data you will request from your customers: cwpp-6-1.png

  8. Click Save.

Now that you have created your PayPal app with REST API credentials and necessary features enabled, you are ready to move on with the Connect with PayPal feature set-up in the X-Cart Admin area.

Configuring Connect with PayPal in X-Cart

PREREQUISITES: You need to have the PayPal addon installed and enabled in your X-Cart store Admin area.

For the guidelines on the addons installation see Installing Addons from the X-Cart App Store.

Once you have created and configured your PayPal OAuth 2.0 Credentials, you will need to obtain two pieces of information: your Client ID and Secret. These will need to be entered on the PayPal addon setting page in the X-Cart Admin area so the addon can connect to the App you created on PayPal and generate the PayPal login widget code correctly.

See how to obtain PayPal OAuth 2.0 credentials here.

To configure the Connect with PayPal feature:

  1. In the My Addons section of your X-Cart Service Screen, locate the entry for the PayPal addon and click the Settings link below it: 541-paypal-addon-appstore.png

    This opens the addon settings page. 541-paypal-settings-page.png

  2. On the addon settings page configure the settings as follows:
    • Client Id : Paste here the ID value you obtained when created a PayPal app.
    • Client Secret : Paste here the password value you obtained when created a PayPal app.
    • Test/Live mode : Set the operating mode for Connect with PayPal (‘Live’ should be selected for live stores, ‘Test’ - for testing). Note that for testing you will need to use test PayPal accounts; i.e. you will need at least one test seller account and one test buyer account.
    • Login scopes : The data that is requested from customers when they log in to your store.

      Do not adjust the settings here!

  3. After you’ve configured the settings, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

The Connect with PayPal feature should now be enabled.

Customer registration page541-cus-sign-up.png
Customer sign-in page541-cus-sign-in.png
Checkout login page541-checkout-login.png