Support for PayPal Credit can be enabled in an X-Cart based store via the addon PayPal by X-Cart team. It is not an independent method of payment, but rather a financing option that your customers can employ to pay you via PayPal.

PayPal Credit allows your customers to pay for their purchases without entering their debit or credit card information on your store website, or sharing their personal data with you. You still get paid right away. More information on PayPal Credit is available on PayPal’s website.

PayPal offers free banner ads that promote PayPal Credit financing as a PayPal payment option. A study has shown that implementing these banner ads can drive an 18% increase in online sales. You can specify whether you want to use these banners on your store website via the addon settings.

PayPal Credit is currently available only to shoppers based in the United States.

Enable PayPal Credit

Since PayPal Credit is available only in the U.S., to get the ability to enable it as a payment option for your customers you will need to make sure that the country in your company profile is specified as the United States.

Then, you will need to configure one of PayPal payment methods for your store. For example, we’ve chosen to enable PayPal Express Checkout. After submitting the required credentials for access to the API and saving the settings on the PayPal Express Checkout settings page, we get a new tab on the page - the one for PayPal Credit: xc5_pp_credit_tab.png This works the same for all PayPal methods: as soon as you configure a PayPal method, you will get this PayPal Credit tab on the method configuration page.

Click on this new tab to go to the respective section and adjust a few settings there. xc5_pp_credit_setup.png

  1. Specify that PayPal Credit should be enabled on your store site (PayPal Credit is Enabled) and select the check box for the option I agree with PayPal terms & conditions.

  2. Specify your PayPal account e-mail. Note that your PayPal account needs to have a PayPal Publisher ID.

  3. If you want to use PayPal’s free banners to advertise PayPal Credit as a financing option on your store website, specify where you want the banners to be displayed. The following options are available:
    • on the Home page (above the products, below the products, or not displayed);
    • on Category pages (above the products, below the products, or not displayed);
    • on Product details pages (near the “Add to cart” button, or not displayed);
    • on the Cart page (near the “Checkout” button, or not displayed).
  4. After adjusting the PayPal Credit related settings, be sure to save your changes by clicking Save changes. When this happens, the PayPal Credit integration on your store site will connect to the PayPal account you have specified to retrieve your PayPal Publisher ID. Provided that you have such an ID and the connection has been successful, a note like “Your PayPal Publisher ID is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX” should appear below the PayPal account e-mail on the PayPal Credit settings page in your X-Cart store Admin. xc5_pp_credit_publisherid.png

That’s it. Your customers should now be able to use PayPal Credit as a payment method: xc5_pp_credit_method.png


If you have chosen to enable PayPal Credit banners, they should also be able to see the banners in the locations specified in the PayPal Credit settings: xc5_pp_credit_banner.png


Note that PayPal Credit may not be offered as a funding source for every purchase. Even if you have enabled PayPal Credit as a way to pay for purchases at your X-Cart store, PayPal reserves the right to restrict your customer’s ability to use their credit line depending on the circumstances of each purchase. If PayPal Credit does not appear as a payment option at checkout, you customer will not be able to use PayPal Credit for that particular transaction.

Disable PayPal Credit

To remove the PayPal Credit payment method and banners from your store website, you need to disable the PayPal Credit feature on the PayPal Credit tab of your PayPal payment method settings:

  1. Select PayPal Credit is Disabled.
  2. Click Save changes.